Architects & Developers

Providing Training for you to be able to consider an MVHR system in your project, including different construction constraints and an understanding of ducting systems and options for how they will need to run within the building.

Installer & Sub-Contractors

As a company you may be ready to offer these designs yourself, we can train a cad designer within your business or we can give you the knowledge to understand the designs that have been produced, giving you stronger tools to understand the system you are installing.

Self-Builders and Home Owners

Are you looking to install MVHR in your build? We provide you with the knowledge and the tools to understand the system being installed and why it is designed the way it is. Giving you a greater understanding of what you need to allow and why.

About Us

MJL Consultancy Ltd is a forward thinking consultancy who provides design training for Mechanical Ventilation Systems including MVHR and MEV, System 4 and System 3. We offer this training through online sessions and can tailor the training to suit your individual needs.

The training will include a full presentation with detailed knowledge of design, design considerations, building constraints, Part F, Domestic Ventilation Guide, BPEC and NHBC Guidelines, and what these don’t tell you.

Melissa Edge the founder of MJL Consultancy, has run the business providing MVHR designs for major manufacturers in the industry, for installers and self builders for 12 years, and before she leaves the industry would like to offer her knowledge to enable others to provide designs but also pass the knowledge on.

In this 12 years, Melissa has built on her knowledge through experience, working with some of the leading companies and always providing the best design service possible. In this time she has built a great reputation in the industry and her colleagues are continuing to do so as C&G Design Consultancy LLP.

Through her work it became clear that there is a gap within the industry of real understanding of designs, how these are put together, the work behind the duct drawings, and why the ducts run the way they do. It is so important for optimal air flow that these designs are designed the way they are, to ensure the systems run quietly, that they can be accessed for maintenance, and they provide the air flow required for the type, and size of the room.

Melissa is excited to be in a position now to provide this training, and will be offering this on a limited basis, please get in touch to enquire and keep a look out for the courses going live from April 2022.


‘Mel’s patience, understanding and mentorship allowed me to gain skills and experience in domestic ventilation designs’

I joined MJL with no experience of the domestic ventilation industry, or indeed construction in general. It was a very steep learning curve, with Mel supporting and guiding me every step of the way. Mel's patience, understanding and mentorship allowed me to gain skills and experience in domestic ventilation designs, as well as the ability to read detailed construction plans and understand construction practices. I worked with Mel at MJL Consultancy for over 5 years and appreciate the time and energy Mel has invested in me over this time.

Evey Gilliland Partner, C&G Design Consultancy LLP

What we offer you – at a quick glance:

What you get from us, when we work with you.

Architects & Developers

Design RatesPer Type
  • An online course to suit you
  • Full support and guidance available to answer any of your questions, times to be agreed.
  • A clear step by step design guidance
  • Air Flow Rates
  • Different Ducting Systems available
  • Choosing the right system
  • The relevant information from the guidance available.
  • Unit Sizing and Location

Installers & Sub-Contractors

Project RatesPer Design
  • 1 to 1 Training tailored to suit your needs
  • Full support and guidance over your next few projects
  • Supported online course for you to refer to
  • Working to and understanding Part F
  • The difference in the systems available, which one to choose for your project
  • Unit Sizing and Location
  • A clear understanding of the design process
  • Confidence in MVHR Design

Self-Build Projects

Project ratesPer Design
  • An online course you can pick up when your ready.
  • Full support and guidance to help you understand the system
  • Supported online course for you to refer to
  • The relevant regulations you need to follow
  • Choosing the correct unit and location
  • Which system should I choose
  • A clearer understanding of the design process
  • Confidence in MVHR Design

1 to 1 Sessions

1 to 1 Sessions

1 to 1 Training Sessions Working 1 to 1 with Mel Edge, learning who to put an MVHR design together, the technical design elements, how to interpret Part F, what parts of the Domestic Ventilation Guide...

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Online Course

Online Course

Online Course Working through the online course via a presentation, video explanations, clear slides with all the information and guidance you need to produce an MVHR design or have a further understanding of MVHR to either...

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‘With Mel’s patience and gradual approach to training I became confident to produce designs from scratch’

I worked with Mel for many years and watched her business grow into the success it became. When I first joined Mel, I came from an Architectural background, and had never been involved in the Mechanical Ventilation or Heating trades, both of which I knew very little about. Slowly but surely with Mel's patience and gradual approach to training I became confident to produce designs from scratch for both disciplines, including sizing units, calculations required, and CAD designs. I found Mel to be very approachable if I needed extra information, or to cover topics again until I fully understood what I was doing. Mel provided a training file which I found useful to refer to remind myself of the key processes, and smaller details required to enable me to produce a full design package. Mel is compassionate, understanding and easy-going, a pleasure to work with.

Nicola Creasser Partner, C&G Design Consultancy LLP

Very professional and knowledgeable. Offering excellent service to clients.

Our company worked closely with MJL for approximately 18 months until our business was transferred at the end of last year. Melissa took care of all of our design work and also offered technical support and advice to our clients across the UK. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Offering excellent service to clients with design and product experience across a number of technologies and market sectors. She is able to work to tight deadlines and is always prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep clients happy and ensure excellent retention of business for her customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Melissa to any prospective client in need of design and / or technical support within their business.

Cliff Jones Managing Director, Itho Uk

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