The changes to the 2010 Building Regulations bring a completely new focus to the way in which ventilation
is specified and installed in new and existing dwellings. Airtight properties with low levels or even zero infiltration mean that
ventilation is now high on the agenda. With people spending up to 70% of their life indoors, ensuring what is designed, is installed, and works
for the house and the homeowner is not only crucial, but will also need to be approved and signed off.


With the new extension of scope, there is a considerable amount of information to be understood. There are three main areas that are
now key to Building Regulations Compliance:

  • Design Performance Criteria – The methods and airflow rates, based on design air permeability
  • Installation and Commissioning – Guaranteed installed performance achieved through competent person installation
  • Operation and Maintenance – End user information to ensure effective use of system

The Process

Notice of confirmation of installation inspection, airflow testing and commissioning need to be provided to Building Control within five days of completion of work.
All ventilation methodologies are required to be commissioned and details provided Airflow testing and notice required for mechanical ventilation systems in new build only.
All homeowners should be provided with information about the ventilation system and maintenance requirements.
Best Practise Guidance for onsite processes is provided within the document for both installation/inspection and airflow testing.

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