Heating Designs

Wet Central Heating Designs for:

  • Boilers
  • Electric Boilers,
  • Air source Heat Pumps

Each design will consist of radiator position shown clearly in bold on floor plan, pipe layouts and sizes, manifold positions if required, Heating Unit position, clear dimensions for layouts of pipes, radiators, heating units, all relevant regulations and notes for the installation of heating system, flue and gas safety etc. Designs will be produced in accordance with the domestic heating guide and domestic building compliance guide, gas safety and Part L. This will also include radiator sizing and heatlossing to BS 12831.

Radiator Sizing will provide developers and installers with the correct radiator sizes for each room, based on the domestic heating guides recommended temperatures and air changes. This will require taking out a heatloss for each individual room, according to the construction of the building, U values that are to be achieved, the heating unit being used and the heating controls specified. This will be provided in a clear table format, either on a heating design or separate as requested.


Boiler Design – Combination or System Boiler and Cylinder

Combination Boilers provide instantaneous hot water and heating for 1 or 2 Bathroom properties:

  • 28Kw, 33Kw, 35Kw, 40Kw options
  • Size boiler based on the Hot Water Flow Rates only
  • Use NHBC Internal Services for guidance on flow rates

Insert image from NHBC guide

  • Only size to meet NHBC requirements, minimum rate 15l/min

(click to download info sheet on combi boiler and flow rates)

  • Expansion Vessel and Pump within the boiler
  • Mains pressure water
  • Can use with Waste Water Heat Recovery
  • Highly Efficient, many include Flue Gas Heat Recovery
  • Can use with Flue Gas Heat Recovery
  • Multiple flue options, horizontal and vertical, 100mm, Twin 80mm, or 125mm dia
  • If 2 Bathroom property, we advise to use an Electric Shower in the En-Suite, please call for further guidance and options.


  • Stored hot water to work with system boiler or heat only boiler
  • Suitable for 2 Bathroom properties or larger
  • Start at 150 Litre to 300 Litre for domestic houses
  • Can use 2 or 3 Cylinders for one house
  • Can use high efficiency cylinders, with quicker heat up times, great for saving space in tight cupboards.

Boiler Design – Combi or System Boiler and Cylinder

Central Heating Designs, including heatloss to BS 12831.
What we will do:

  • Provide a clear heating pipework layout as per your specification
  • Provide radiator / towel rail schedules as per required heatloss
  • Clear Equipment Schedule
  • All done in your required lead time

What we need from you:

  • Up to date Cad or PDF plans
  • U Values / SAP report
  • Pipework preference – branch / manifold
  • Your preferred Radiator / Towel rail manufacture
  • Your preferred Boiler / Controls manufacturer
  • If Underfloor Heating – UFH Design (to provide us with manifold locations)
  • Is Boosted water required?
  • Guidance on manufacturers if required

Hot & Cold Water Service Designs for:

  • Combination boilers
  • Gas Saver,
  • Direct and Indirect Cylinders,
  • Solar Thermal, direct and twin coil systems.

Design will include:

  • Position of boiler or heating unit,
  • Cylinder, solar cylinder detailed in correct position on floor plan,
  • All pipe sizes and layouts.

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