Online Course

Working through the online course via a presentation, video explanations, clear slides with all the information and guidance you need to produce an MVHR design or have a further understanding of MVHR to either advise your clients, include in your project, or understand a design you’ve already had produced.

Study at the pace and in the time that suits you, with supported allocated time to ask questions you may have on the course or on a project you’re working on.

Course to include:

Working through the presentation on how to put the MVHR design together Step by Step:

  • Part F and Air Flow Calcs
  • Understanding Domestic Ventilation Guide, BPEC and NHBC Guidance
  • Unit Selection and location
  • Ducting Systems and selecting the right one, Rigid, Semi-Rigid, and Flat Semi Rigid.
  • Valve locations
  • Different Constructions, constraints and how to work round them.
  • Insulation
  • Atmosphere Ducting
  • Controls, understanding the user to make the right choice.
  • Bill of Materials, understanding how to put one together, getting the right and all the parts.

Work through 2 examples of different style systems and constructions to give you an idea, based on the type of projects you will get in.

2 allocated time slots to ask questions regarding the course or on live projects you may be working on.

Please contact Mel on for further enquiries, and arrange a call to discuss your requirements.

Booking available from April 2022.