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About Us

MJL Consultancy is a forward thinking heating and ventilation design consultancy providing expert independent advice and designs service to manufacturers, new build developers, installers and merchants. MJL specialises in solar thermal, air source heat pumps, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), gas savers and traditional systems including gas/electric boilers for domestic new build developments.

The founder of MJL Consultancy, Melissa Edge has been working in the heating industry for 12 years, during which she has developed a great passion for new low energy systems and ensuring the correct system is sized and designed for specific house types and developments. Over this time she has built a strong reputation based not only the outstanding service her clients receive but also on the quality of the designs produced. MJL believes this service is vitally important in the fast paced industry we now experience and endeavours to continue to offer the highest standard to all her clients.


‘A breath of fresh air’

It’s been a pleasure dealing with Mel in the time I have known her, ‘A breath of fresh air’ is what my team and I comment on Mel, she is young, energetic, she has an eagerness to develop markets and the customer base, as well as the biggest passion for boilers and renewable energy I have ever seen!!! Mel stands out where she knows the ins and outs of all other manufactures boilers, what technology works with what and more importantly the common sense that should be prevailed in designing heating and renewable energy systems. I have worked very closely with Strata homes in Doncaster for some years now and introduced Alpha boilers as a Code for Sustainable Homes Solution to their developments. Mel has continued to give them the service they require, and develop that business to ensure they procure 100% of Alpha boilers; working very closely with Ian Corner who I know has an excellent relationship with Mel, and I must comment he regards her very highly for the service she provides. There is not a bad word to be said.

Owen Gallagher Technical Manager, Plasmor

What we offer you – at a quick glance:

What you get from us, when we work with you.

Architects & Developers

Design RatesPer Type
  • Optimised Heating & Ventilation Designs
  • Full Airflow calculations
  • Full Bill of materials
  • Heating Specification
  • Best Practice Assurance
  • Guidance & Recommendations
  • Meeting requried timescales
  • Fully Indemnified

Installers & Sub-Contractors

Project RatesPer Design
  • Initial Consultation
  • Cad draughting capability
  • Optimised Heating & Ventilation Designs
  • Full comissioning rates
  • Bill of materials
  • Heating Specification
  • Best Practice Assuarance
  • Fully Indemnified

Self-Build Projects

Project ratesPer Design
  • Intial Consultation
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Optimised Heating & Ventilation Designs
  • Airflow calculations
  • Heating Specification
  • Best Practice Assuarance
  • Installer Recommendations
  • Fully Indemnified

Heating Designs

Heating Designs

We can offer you a full heating design package, using our own MJL heatloss calculator to BS 12831, boiler or cylinder CAD deisgn, with full heating specifcation, heating controls, pump sizing, radiator sizes and pipework layout. More detailed information can be found here....

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Ventilation Designs

Ventilation Designs

MVHR has become a norm in new build properties, especially now developers are looking to ensure their houses are air tight, and meeting new SAP energy requirements, it is also a great choice for self-builders, another way to ensure your house is energy efficient. ...

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‘Exceeding expectations and going the extra mile’

I have had the pleasure of working with Mel on numerous projects over recent years and I have always been impressed with her positive attitude, openness and technical expertise. Mel has always been a complete professional and has consistently delivered when required, often exceeding expectations and going the extra mile. It is clear that Mel is a hard working individual, who is driven and will succeed in everything she does. It has been joy working together and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

Kelvin Ryan R & D Manager, Keepmoat Homes

Very professional and knowledgeable. Offering excellent service to clients.

Our company worked closely with MJL for approximately 18 months until our business was transferred at the end of last year. Melissa took care of all of our design work and also offered technical support and advice to our clients across the UK. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Offering excellent service to clients with design and product experience across a number of technologies and market sectors. She is able to work to tight deadlines and is always prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep clients happy and ensure excellent retention of business for her customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Melissa to any prospective client in need of design and / or technical support within their business.

Cliff Jones Managing Director, Itho Uk

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